• Hon. Dominique de Villepin, Former Prime Minister of France and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix .
  • Prince Dr. Abdul-Aziz Bin Mohammed Bin Ayaf Al Miqren, Mayor of Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix .
  • H.E Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hasher Al Maktoum, CEO AL Fajer Group and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix
  • Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim , Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Jose Maria Aznar Lopez, Former Prime Minister of Spain and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Sandy Berger (right), Former National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Governor John H. Sununu, White House Chief of Staff, Former Governor of New Hampshire (Left), Governor Howard Dean, 2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Former Governor of Vermont (Right) with Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director Datamatix (Center)
  • Joschka Fischer, Former Deputy Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate (2007) and Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.
  • Hon. Mary Robinson, Former President, Republic of Ireland with Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director Datamatix
  • 11th Middle East Women Leaders Awards/ 15th Global Women Leaders Conference
  • Mrs. Nadia Bakhurji, Secretary General of Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, Awarded Woman in Engineering and Architecture Excellence Award, with H.H Princess Ameerah Al Taweel and H. E. Reem Al-Hashimy U.A.E. Minister of State (Left).
  • Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Awarded Corporate Management Woman CEO Excellence Award with H.H Princess Ameerah Al Taweel and H. E. Reem Al-Hashimy U.A.E. Minister of State (Right).

Datamatix is a 21st century leading conferences, knowledge and events management services provider, nurtured with quarter century of successful global and regional qualitative experiences, bringing the latest global practices, thoughts, trends and strategies that can make leadership more competent to keep pace with current developments.


Datamatix aims to forge and build strong relationships among the governments, businesses, corporate, communities, media, leaders and professionals from east, west, north and south to meet and partner in order to build strong global relationships and expand opportunities in the era of massive globalization, Datamatix believes in building global effective partnership to enable propagation of strong relationship between people and organizations around the world and to erase the borders of barriers.


Datamatix strives to focus on variety of key subjects that are of vital importance in fostering knowledge, substantial growth and innovation with its global partners to bridge the digital, economic and knowledge divide in the region and play a role in creating a connected world jerseys contributing towards the growth and national prosperity and global competitiveness.


Datamatix 2020 strategy is set to continue and strengthen its position by providing a wide range of unparalleled business-building and government-focused knowledge and services.


As part of its expansion, Datamatix is embarking on a new leadership journey that will examine and explore the 2020 strategic planning process and implementations roadmap and restructure its business direction and improve its services, efficiency, and productivity level.


For its great contribution in providing quality leadership knowledge and for its tremendous growth and success, Datamatix has been granted the trust of the regional and the global governments, business and international institutions.


To continue this success Datamatix is committed to use the knowledge that has been built over the past quarter century to support the region reach the pinnacle of global services, knowledge dominance and enlightenment.


Datamatix 2020 aims that the region's government organizations, corporates, business entities, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and especially the young generation of leaders should benefit from what Datamatix has to offer and support in revolutionizing the world, by promoting global harmony through exchange of empowering information and latest knowledge.

Our Strength

We have continually capitalized on our strengths, resources and knowledge-base to bring out the latest information on global trends and best practices, benefiting business, management, and the ICT industry in the region. In this era of massive globalization, Datamatix events are designed to cater to the development needs of senior executives, and decision makers, as well as the young leaders of tomorrow.

Our Commitment

Our commitment has never wavered - it is essentially to bring new practices, fresh thoughts, and innovative developments that will make leadership competent enough to keep pace with the latest changes. We do this by focusing on the major issues faced in the regional work place and by fostering honest debate, the exchange of ideas and considerable networking opportunities, and it is our aim to be dynamic interactive, and increasingly customer tailored. We have come a long way and managed to build multiple competencies and services, all with the intention of keeping our audience engaged, informed and inspired.


We at Datamatix are committed to doing everything possible to bridge the digital divide in this region and play a role in creating a connected world and a socially inclusive information society.

Bridging Gaps Globally

Globalization is tearing down barriers and building new bridges among nations, peoples, cultures and organizations at an astonishing and historically unprecedented rate. It has been fueled by an explosion of ICT that enables information, ideas, money, people, products and services to move within and across national borders at increasingly greater speeds and volumes.


In such a world, it becomes very important for us to be continuously updated on the latest trends and developments, so that we can grab hold of the opportunities presented by the global economy. We aspire to focus on the right initiatives that will help develop global leaders, with special concentration on issues that are specific to this region and to do our best, along with our global partners, to provide the latest knowledge, practices and strategies in ICT, economy, business and leadership.


Our initiatives support regional governments and businesses, facilitating relationships with international entities across the globe. Our aim is to foster continuous growth and innovation that will catapult this region to the forefront of the global commercial scene. The wave of change cannot be stopped and we need to embrace it or risk being left behind.