World Business Delegation Forum

In view of the recent recovery in post 9/11 economic markets, companies worldwide are looking for new markets to explore and fresh business opportunities to capitalize on. With the global market place constantly changing, the world economy today offers unlimited avenues for growth and expansion.

There are new proposals, new projects, new mergers & acquisitions, new products & services and new businesses evolving everyday around the world. How do you keep track of the latest trends in the world economy?

The World Business Delegations Forum (WBDF) in Dubai updates you on the latest developments in the global marketplace, informing you about the diverse range of opportunities arising for your business around the clock.

The conference aims to provide your organization with the global advantage. It is the ideal launching pad for your business to expand and grow. We want you to make new business deals, develop concrete leads for business development and form strategic alliances with world wide organizations. The event creates a global platform on which you can meet potential buyers, sellers, agents, distributors, investors and partners.

Dubai, with its world class financial infrastructure and open economic policies, is the business hub of the region. It is the ideal gateway from which you can explore regional and international business opportunities and exploit the multifarious prospects for business development in the new world economic order.

It connects you with international players who share your interest in actively pursuing global business opportunities. The reputed speakers at this world class event share their insights into the forces shaping the world economy and on how you can leverage them to expand your business.