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Day 1 - ( Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration & Networking
09:00 AM

Stimulating Innovations in Government Organizations through Development of Knowledge Management

  • Stifle challenges faced in government organizations to embrace innovation
  • How does knowledge management impact in inspiring creativity in government organizations?
  • Building strategies to create cultural innovation in government organizations through knowledge management
  • Handling knowledge management and creativity in government organizations in this competitive world
  • Public and private sector partnership to develop creativity among employees and sharing knowledge management
Mr. Mhamed Biygautane
Research Associate
Dubai School of Government
11:00 AM Coffee Break & Networking
11:30 AM

Development of Competitive Knowledge Management in Government Organizations

  • Why to switch and activate knowledge management in government organizations?
  • Perception behind importance of knowledge management in the digital era and its impact on government organizations
  • What are the priority requirements to develop Knowledge management in government organizations
  • How do we enable knowledge management and what are the sources, basic elements and principles to achieve it?
  • Widely used programs and mechanisms for the application of knowledge management in government organizations
  • What are the International Standards available in development of competitive strategies for government knowledge management
  • Enable administrative leadership through the development of knowledge management in government organizations
Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
01:00 PM

Relationship between Knowledge Management and Information Technology in Government Organizations

Jorge Sebastiao
ICT Expert, DC Cloud Practice Leader Data Center Solutions
01:45 PM Lunch and End of Day 1
Day 2 - ( Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration and Networking
09:00 AM

Government e-Service Development in the Era of e-Leadership:

  • E-transformation and e-governance organizational leadership
  • Institutional re-planning Requirements under e-Leadership
  • Interaction of citizens under e-Leadership
  • Interaction of employees under e-Leadership
  • Interaction of businesses under e-leadership
  • Sustainability of government e-leadership
  • Re-planning and development of the next generation of e-services technology
  • Analysis of government data and the development of customer service centers
  • E-payment gateways and loss of customer confidence
  • Strategies for exchange of information and data among institutions
  • Criteria and indicators to measure e-services global competitiveness
  • Decision-making under the e-leadership
Hani AlGhofaily
Director Dept of e-Media
Al Riyadh Newspaper
10:00 AM Panel Discussion: Social Insurance Systems in GCC - Pros and Cons (Comparative Studies)
Usman Zafar
Country Manager (Middle East & North Africa)
]init[ Services for the e-Society
Hamad S Alolayan
Insurance & Actuarial Studies & Research Office (Supervisor)
The Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) – Kuwait
Saleh bin Mohammed Al-Shuaibi
Former Member of Shoura Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
11:00 AM Coffee Break & Networking
11:30 AM Government e-Services Marketing Strategy Framework   

  • Multi Channels of Communication with the Public   
  • E-Service Branding and Positioning
  • E-Service Marketing Executive and Local Talent Development

Public Private Partnership Strategies for Developing e-Services

  • eCitizen and eGoverment Partnership Development Strategy
  • eGoverment and Business Corporate Partnership Development Strategy
  • Government and Media Partnership to Create more Citizen Awareness
  • Use of Market Research to Shape the Development of the Services
Jorge Sebastiao
ICT Expert, DC Cloud Practice Leader Data Center Solutions
12:15 PM
eCitizens: Total People Involvement in the Age of e-Leadership 
  • Strategies to Promote e-Service and Planning e-Citizen Awareness
  • More eUsers, More eTransactions  and Better Services Result Stronger Economy
  • Developing e-Service Knowledge Perspective of Citizens and Businesses

Investing in e-Citizens Development 
  • Gathering End User Feedback - What Citizens Want from Government e-Services 
  • Developing Government e-Services Marketing Capabilities 
  • Ensuring Commitment from Key Stakeholders for Marketing Activities
  • Develop Appropriate Structures to address the Marketing of e-Services
  • Empowering Urban and Neighborhood Portals as a Tool for Public Participation

How to Strengthen the Citizen’s Power of Trust and Reliability on e-Services  
  • Challenges in Transforming  Citizens into e-Citizens
  • Citizens Use Social Media – How should Government Capitalize on this?
  • Working with Older Generations – Tips and Tricks
  • Successful Case Studies From Around the World

Promoting Government e-Services Using Social Media  
  • Leveraging Social Media to Increase Public Involvement in e-Services
  • Engaging the Public and Improving Government Services.   
  • Government Data and Contests in the Age of Social Media

KPI and Monitoring Process 
  • Measuring the Success and Challenges every 90 Days 
Usman Zafar
Country Manager (Middle East & North Africa)
]init[ Services for the e-Society
01:30 PM Lunch and End of the Event 
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