The potential to advance public administration efficiency is by escalating performance, convenience and accessibility of government information and service to its users.  The internet is playing a vital role in allowing the government to better serve all of its citizens no matter where they are located.  Taking advantage of new technologies, government organizations are utilizing the web to offer the public a host of services like corresponding online with local officials, providing government related information as well as delivering high quality, seamless and integrated performance.

Datamatix is pleased to present the, "GCC Government Organizations Websites Global Competitiveness Strategy Development Conference" highlighting innovation and technologies for the GCC government organizations' websites development and their global competency.  This conference will focus on strategies and tools to advance government websites to globally competitive standards.

Enhancing government websites is essential as they allow programs and services to be offered in a more dynamic and interactive way, increasing citizen participation, convenience and speed in obtaining information or services, reducing costs in providing programs and information about government services, reducing the amount of paperwork and expanding the possibilities of reaching new sectors of the community or offering new programs.

Event Speakers
  • Assem Hijazi
    Assem Hijazi
    Localization Program Manager
    Microsoft Middle East & North Africa
  •  Adil  Kassabi
    Adil Kassabi
    TADAFUR Consulting Services
  • Ahmed Sabry
    Ahmed Sabry
    IT Vision - Egypt
  • Usman Zafar
    Usman Zafar
    Country Manager (Middle East & North Africa)
    ]init[ Services for the e-Society
  • Krishna Iyer
    Krishna Iyer
    Founder & CEO
  • Farrakh Azhar
    Farrakh Azhar
    CEO and Founder
  • Hamza Nasir
    Hamza Nasir
    Director of Strategic Relations
    LiveAdmins JLT
  • Akvile Pareigyte
    Akvile Pareigyte
    Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Dieter Hovorka
    Dieter Hovorka
    Sr.Consultant Social Media & Digital Strategy
Event Sponsors
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