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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
CashBanknotes and coins. The German Central Bank possesses the exclusive right to issue euro banknotes in Germany. Euro and cent coins, on the other hand, are issued by the Federal Government, but brought into circulation by the German Central Bank.
CD-ROM (compact disk-read-only memory)high-capacity, read-only memory in the form of an optically read compact disk
CEN and CEN/ISSSthe European Standards Organisation based in Brussels.
CENELECthe European Committee for Electrotechnical
Certificate (key certificate)Electronic certificate used to assign signature verification keys to a person.
CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENTthe overall process of issuing, storing, verifying and
CERTIFICATE REVOCATION LIST – CRLa database of all certificates that have been revoked
CERTIFICATIONthe administrative act of approving a computer system or
CERTIFICATION AUTHORITYa specially established trusted organisation or part of a
Certification service providerSection 2 (8) of the Digital Signature Act (SigG) defines this as a “natural person or legal entity that issues qualified _ certificates or qualified timestamps”.
CGIscripts are used to count Web site hits, handle database
CGI (common gateway interface)an application that enables an HTML document to call an
ChiasmusA Windows-based decryption/encryption tool developed by BSI. http://www.bsi.bund.de/fachthem/chiasmus
CipherAn encrypted plaintext
CIRCACommunication and Information Resource Centre
CLEARTEXT (also plaintext)the material entering into an encryption process or
ClientComputer (usually a workplace computer) or program which interacts with a _ server and performs the tasks sent to it or requests certain services from the server.
COD_Payment procedure in which the delivery service acts as the collecting agency. The consignment is handed to the recipient upon payment of the money claimed.
Cognitive“Cognitive” (Lat.) means rational, to do with cognition. Cognitively impaired people are slow to learn and cannot follow complicated explanations containing this target group should be written in language which is as simple as possible. unfamiliar words.
Collection procedure_Payment procedure in which the settlement amounts are collected by a collecting enterprise (e.g. telecommunications companies or specialised service providers).
Commitment authorisationA commitment authorisation is the permission to undertake financial commitments up to a certain amount in one fiscal year for the following fiscal years.
Communication technologyTechnology used to transmit information. Thus, in the context of “e-government”, communication technology primarily refers to computer networks such as the internet and other data connections, but also includes fax, telephone, mobile phone. See also infor
Computer virusA computer virus is a non stand-alone program routine which, after execution, reproduces itself in order to interfere in system areas, other programs or their environment, in a way which the user cannot control.
Confidentiality( _ IT security objective) Guarantee that data and information are accessible only to authorised parties and in the permitted manner.
ConstituentCitizens, businesses, and government employees who use NIC’s online services.
Content Management System (CMS)A system that allows users to build and manage Web sites without requiring technical knowledge or complex software programs.
Context menuThe context menu is a menu that is dependent on an object and offers options relevant to a selected area. Normally the menu is invoked by clicking the right mouse button.
Credit cardCredit cards entitle their bearer to make cashless payment for goods and services from contracting enterprises, i.e. institutions that accept credit cards (point of sale terminals).
Cross-Boundary IntegrationAlso called “one stop shops,” these eGovernment services allow constituents to interact seamlessly with more than one government entity. Example: Court records from 185 county and circuit courts in Nebraska can be accessed online through the state’s int
CryptographySpecialised mathematical area which deals with methods of protecting information (and thus, for example, with the _ confidentiality, _ integrity and _ authenticity of data).
CryptoprocessorA processor for the cryptographic treatment of data, _ cryptography
Call CenterCall centers are units of organizations that provide customer service via telephone. Information and services are offered and performed by means of direct communication via telephone. Examples of such services are help and guidance related to a certain pr
CameralisticsFor a long time cameralistics was used as a simple mode of bookkeeping in public administrations. It has now been largely replaced by double-entry accounting (Doppik).
Capability Maturity ModelThe Capability Maturity Model (CMM) was developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), and is a standard for analyzing and validating software engineering processes in organizations with the objective to enhance and determine necessary actions in
CategoryCategory [in eGovRTD2020] refers to a cluster / group of similar dimensions leading to a more holistic understanding of eGovernment. As such, categories denote a domain or interactions between domains of the holistic framework for eGovernment.
CertificateIn practical terms, a certificate is a digital identity card or a digital certification provided with a digital signature. A digital certificate from a certificate authority enables a person to prove his or her authenticity and to verify that a public key
Certificate Revocation ListDigital certificates have assured validity. Once the validity has expired, the certificate will be revoked. Apart from the natural expiry date, a certificate authority can revoke certificates for different reasons such as abuse or changing of content. Cer
Chip CardThe term Chip Card describes different forms of plastic cards with an embedded microchip. Two types of chip cards can be distinguished: cards which simply store information (memory cards) and cards which are able to store and process data (smart cards or
ClientA Client is a computer or a program that uses different services and resources in a network provided by a server. A browser, for example, is a client to access data (web sites) on a web server over the Internet.
CoherenceCoherence is the idea of governments and agencies working together to achieve the benefits of eGovernment, particularly through the use of ICT and common standards.
Commerce XML ResourcesCommerce XML Resources (CXML)is a streamlined protocol intended for consistent communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers. The protocol does not include the full breadth of interactions some parties
CommerceNetCommerceNet is a not-for-profit global community of leaders with a ten-year history of success. With a focus on understanding strategic information technology,CommerceNet helps companies improve business performance through the adoption of shared, interop
Common CriteriaThe Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation is a standard for computer security that provides criteria for the evaluation and certification of the security attributes of computer products and systems in terms of data security and da
Computer Supported Cooperative WorkComputer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is an interdisciplinary field of research (computer science, economics, sociology etc.) with a research focus on the forms of collaboration of individuals, teams and working groups as well as possibilities to sup
Computer-supported CommunicationComputer-supported (or computer-mediated) Communication is the computer supported forwarding of messages between two or more persons. These are, for example, eMails, posts on bulletin boards or chat messages. Characteristics of this kind of communication
Content Management SystemA Content Management System (CMS) is a software system used to create, edit, manage and publish digital data (content). These editorial systems are application programs which are normally based on a database. A characteristic feature of the various types
ControllingThe term Controlling describes systems, concepts and instruments for the controlling and coordination of operative and strategic management in an organization. Controlling supports the management unit by delivering relevant management information to contr
Cost and Activity AccountingCost and activity accounting is a part of internal accounting and is used in controlling as an instrument for accountable information management in public management.
Creative CommonsCreative Commons is a non-profit organisation devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others legally to build upon and share. It provides free tools, built within current copyright law, for authors, scientists, artists, and educators
Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is the management and the maintenance of relationships with clients and the improvement of company-wide customer related processes. The aim is to improve customer orientation and to enable a long-term link between th
Cost SavingsThe ability of online services to reduce government costs by eliminating other outsourced contracts, redeploying staff to other value-added services, and creating A less expensive per transaction service delivery channel.