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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
HACKINGthe term used to describe gaining access to private data
HTML HyperText Markup Languagethe main language used to create Web documents.
Hybrid encryption_Encryption procedure which combines the _ asymmetric and _ symmetric encryption methods in a suitable way and benefits from the advantages of both procedures. It is currently a common procedure for ensuring the _ confidentiality of electronic communicati
Hybrid file managementBoth paper-based and electronic processing systems are used, but neither one nor the other contains all documents.
HYPERLINKhighlighted words or images on a web page that allow
HyperlinkShort for hypertext link, an electronic cross-reference between documents. Within text documents, these are usually indicated by the use of a different colour or underscoring. “Linked” documents can be retrieved by clicking on these hyperlinks.
HYPERTEXTtext containing internal and external links or pointers to
HypertextElectronic document format which makes it possible to implement cross-references ( _ hyperlinks) between different documents, standard display format on the _ WWW.
HyperText Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP)employs public key technology to protect
HarmonisationHarmonisation describes the way of converging existing (organisational, semantical or technical) systems towards a seamless point of intersection.
Hash AlgorithmThe hash algorithm (or hash function) is used amongst others things for data encryption. By the use of this algorithm, a so-called hash value is generated, which representsis a checksum for securing the integrity of a message. This value and a correspondi
Health Professional CardThe Health Professional Card is part of the security architecture of the Electronic Health Card (eGK) and a signature card for medicos, dentists and pharmacists. The HBA is required for certain professions in health care to access the secured data of a pa
Holistic viewHolistic view [in eGovRTD2020] refers to a framework of considering eGovernment as being shaped and influenced by different factors in a comprehensive and interwined way.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol SecureThe Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a SSL encrypted HTTP Protocol. HTTPS is based on X.509 certificates and used for encryption and authentication during communication between client and server over the Internet.