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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
P2P : PEER TO PEERDecentralised file sharing, computation, communication
PartnerA federal, state, county, or city government that works in cooperation with NIC to deliver services electronically.
PASSWORDa sequence of characters or words that a subject presents
PasswordSecret ID that protects data, computers, programmes etc. against unauthorised access.
PatchFile (which can be downloaded from the Internet) which can be used to eliminate errors in an installed program. Patches are often used to eliminate security weaknesses that are detected after the completion of a program version.
Payment EngineNIC’s comprehensive payment processing, reconciliation, and accounting system.
Payment guaranteeThe undertaking of a guarantor that the sum due will actually be paid to the recipient. It protects him from loss.
Payment procedureProcedure for transferring monetary units. Payment procedures can be differentiated in primary payment procedures ( _ payment procedure, primary) and derived payment procedures ( _ payment procedure, derived).
Payment procedures, derivedDerived payment procedures are _ payment procedures based on primary payment procedures ( _ payment procedures, primary).
Payment procedures, primaryPrimary payment procedures are those through which monetary units ( _ cash, _ deposit money, _ e-money) are directly transferred.
Payment service providerWith credit card payments, a payment service provider technologically connects the public agency with the _ acquirer and processes the individual transactions.
PDF Portable Document FormatA translation format developed by Adobe used primarily
Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)Web-accessible technologies, including mobile phones, digital calendars, and handheld organizers.
Phonetic speechSpeech is the acoustic-auditory form of language. Deaf people cannot directly learn phonetic speech. Therefore, they communicate using sign language.
PINPersonal identification number.
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PKICLPKI Client Libraries
PKICUG Public Key Infrastructure Closed User Groupwas launched in 1999 by the IDA
PLAINTEXTa synonym for cleartext
Plug-inPlug-ins are extra modules of the web browser which are necessary to integrate and use special multimedia capabilities.
PLUGS-INprograms that can easily be installed and used as
PodcastCustom digital audio programs that are distributed over The Internet for playback on portal music players, mobile phones, and personal computers
Point of saleThe place where buying and selling transactions are carried out, e.g. the cash register in a department store.
Point-of-Purchasean online service accessible from A sales terminal that allows retail employees to offer eGovernment applications directly to in-store customers.
Policy_ Security policy
Pop-up windowPop-up windows are windows that are opened in addition to the main page. They can be confusing to users as they often appear unsolicitedly and occlude the actual content.
PortalA central Web site through which A wide range of government services can be accessed.
PORTALany well-used gateway to the Internet, especially those
Prepaid card_Debit card
Prima facie proofProof arising at first sight. Increases the demands to furnish proof on the opposing side. For example, the appearance of authenticity of the qualified electronic signature can only be shaken by expounding facts that seriously call in doubt that the state
Principle of priorityIssuing of rights (e.g. by DENIC) along the lines of “first come, first serve”.
PRIVACY POLICYa statement about what information is being collected;
PRIVATE KEYthe private (secret) key associated with a given person's
PROTOCOLrules governing the exchange of data between computers
ProtocolDescription (specification) of the data format used for communications between electronic devices.
PROXI SERVERa server between your browser and a Web server, which
ProxyA proxy is a computer in a network which temporarily stores data downloaded from the internet. Proxies are used for performance reasons or in order to improve IT security.
Public agencyAny agency that performs public service tasks. In the E-Government Manual, the term is used more generally to refer to “government and public administration”.
PUBLIC KEYthe publicly known key associated with a given person's
Public key_ Asymmetric encryption procedure
Public key infrastructure (PKI)Security infrastructure which makes it possible to exchange data encrypted using a key pair ( _ asymmetric encryption) issued by a trusted source or to generate and verify _ signatures within non-secure networks (e.g. internet).
PUBLIC SERVICE AGREEMENTS (PSAs)Set out department’s objectives for public services
Public service PKI (“PKI-1-Verwaltung”)Public service PKI launched by the Federal Office for Information Security BSI on 20 February 2001 to support secure e-mail. http://www.bsi.bund.de/aufgaben/projekte/sphinx/index.htm).
PUBLIC-KEY CERTIFICATEa statement, possibly on paper but more often transmitted
Public-privateCo-operation between public bodies (public agencies) and private
PurseIn regard to _ cash, the storage place for banknotes and coins (e.g. a wallet), in regard to _ e-money, it refers to the storage of electronic monetary units.
Personal Identification NumberThe Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a numerical code which enables a simple authentication method for a person. It is used, for instance, with an automated teller machine with a debit card or in connection with a Transaction Authentication Number
PodcastingPodcasting refers to the automated provision and use of multimedia content (audio or video) over the Internet with web syndications. The content can be used directly, stored on the computer or transferred to another device (e.g. mp3-player).
Policy FormulationPolicy formulation is the process of developing and defining policies, making strategic decisions, formulating and enacting laws, issuing constitutions of states, and so on.
Policy implementationPolicy implementation (enforcement, execution) is the operative level in regards to policy formulation, where the policies formulated are being executed, such as intervening in society and market. It refers to the core business of operative action in gove
Pretty Good PrivacyPretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a free program for asymmetric encryption of data using Public Key Cryptography. It is mainly used for eMail communication.
PrivacyPrivacy refers to aspects of the private sphere or personal data of an individual or a group. Privacy protection is concerned with keeping an individuals or groups personal and private affairs out of public view.
Project ManagementProject Management refers to the planning, orchestration, organization and controlling of all activities relevant for a successful project implementation, including coordination and leadership of the project team.
Public Key CryptographyThe Public Key Cryptography is an asymmetric encryption process for data which uses a pair of cryptographic keys to encrypt a message (one for the encryption and one for the decryption). The private key is only known by the owner. It allows the encryption
Public Key Cryptography StandardThe Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) is a standard of the RSA Data Security Inc. and features a couple of specifications for the use of asymmetric encryption processes based on Public Key Cryptography.
Public Private PartnershipPublic Private Partnership (PPP) is a sustainable method of cooperation between private and public institutions for the attainment of corporate objectives. With this form of collaboration, public duties are performed by using synergies and balancing compe
Public sectorPublic sector is the part of an organised society concerned with the policy formulation, policy implementation, and (good) governance of that society and the market as a whole with the purpose of enabling a smooth and secure life in society, economic grow
Public valuePublic value is an abstract term for describing the benefits and contributions of public sector activities to the societys welfare and growth. Unlike in the business sector, the costs and benefits of public sector activities often cannot be measured in pr