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Customer Service Glossary

). They mark the individual elements of the content and define how it is formatted.
Name Description
TagTags contain HTML instructions in angle brackets (e.g.
Transactionan end-to-end process in which information is transferred electronically between government and A constituent.
Transparencycreating open government by using online services to provide easier access to government finances, campaign finance records, legislative activities, open meetings, and other key resources.
TAKE-UPthe extent to which electronic government services are available
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSdescription of hardware, software, and communications
TESTA I and II - Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations.The IDA TESTA project started in 1996 and entered its second
Text versionText versions are frequently created for disabled people. However, it is not recommended to use text versions since, according to the Decree on Barrier Free Information Technology (BITV), these web pages are not barrier-free. It is also more expensive to
Text-only version_ Text version
THIRD-PARTY ACCESSeavesdropping on or entry to data communications, telephony or
Time stampElectronic certification by a (trustworthy) body that specific electronic data was present at a given time. However, it is not generally necessary for this body to be aware of the content of the data.
Timestamp, qualified_Timestamp issued by a _ certification service provider who complies with all the requirements of the Digital Signature Act.
Title attributeThe title attribute specifies various elements of website, e.g., graphics, links or frames.
Title elementThe title-Element defines the heading of a web page, which is shown in the top bar of the browser window.
TOKENwhen used in the context of authentication, a (usually) physical
Transaction FeeA nominal fee applied to select eGovernment services to cover The cost of building and maintaining online services.
Transfer paymentA transfer payment is the transfer of an amount of money in the form of _ deposit money from the account of the party liable to pay to the account of the payee. It is triggered by a transfer instruction on the side of the party liable to pay.
TROJAN HORSEa computer program whose execution would result in undesired
TRUSTthe concept that a system will provide its intended functionality
TTPTrusted Third Party
TailoringTailoring refers to the adjustment and optimization of concepts, models and solutions in a given application domain (e.g. for the adjustment of project management).
The Federal Office for Information SecurityThe Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is a federal authority that deals with the problems, challenges and solutions of IT security. It calls itself the central IT security service provider to the German government.
Topics of interestTopics of interest [in eGovRTD2020] are single points along a dimension and are a particular type of issue. One topic of interest can belong to more than one dimension. For example, the trust dimension can contain certification authorities as a topic of i
TransactionA transaction describes the exchange of services (goods and services) or data, and the transfer of rights of disposal.
TransdisciplinaryThe concept of transdisciplinary research has been introduced by Jürgen Mittelstraß at a symposium on the ideology and the practice of interdisciplinarity at the Bielefeld Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF). Further on Mittelstraß explains the co
Trans-European Services for Telematics between AdministrationsThe Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations (TESTA) network is an overlay network, i.e. a computer network, which is built on top of an existing network in order to provide a nationwide secure communication channel (eMail, data exch
TransparencyTransparency refers to an aspect of government activity where the customer (e.g. citizen or business) knows at any time what is happening and what comes next in the interaction with a government agency. Transparency is strongly related to trust, privacy a
TrustTrust is the degree to which citizens and other groups in society believe they will be treated fairly. It includes the degree to which people and organisations believe they can rely on the motives, and predict the performance, of others.
Trust CenterA trust center is an independent institution for issuing certificates and assigning electronic signatures. The trust center is responsible for the issuing, renewal, verification and management of certificates and ensures authenticity and an efficient proc