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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
ValidatorsValidators are programmes that check web pages to ensure that they comply with certain guidelines or standards.
Vertical Portal (“Vortal”)An eGovernment portal through which users can interact with multiple government agencies through a single site. Example: Maine’s Rapid Renewal portal allows constituents in more than 130 municipalities to both process vehicle registration renewals and p s
Virtual keyboardA virtual keyboard is displayed on the screen by the software. The operation of such keyboards is often possible with fewer keys and a scan mode. Virtual keyboards are often used where the users cannot use a normal keyboard or only use it with difficulty.
Virtual Post Office_ VPS
VIRUSsoftware, usually originating in the Internet, that infiltrates a PC,
Virus_Computer virus
VULNERABILITYa weakness in a system that can be exploited to violate the
Value chainValue chain categorises the generic value-adding sequence of activities of an organisation.
Virtual Townhall Information SystemsVirtual Townhall Information Systems are a collection of applications and information systems that offer to comprehensive support for the work of senates and other governing bodies in cities and municipalities through ICT. Functionalities cover the manage
Virtuelle PoststelleThe Virtual Post Office (VPS) (also called the basic component of data security) is a standard solution for the centralized and automated implementation of cryptography processes during electronic communication between citizens or companies and private au
V-Modell XTThe V-Model XT is an example of a software engineering concept. It offers a flexible process model for the planning and implementation of ICT projects. One basic element is the introduction of standardized approaches and their respective results as well a