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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
X.500 directoryEstablishment of a directory service according to the standard series _ ITU-T
X.509Specification of the certificate format within the frame of the X.500 standard series of _ ITU-T
XML Extensible Markup Languagea schema, which defines the data and data format that can
X.509X.509 is a standard developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for digital certificates and authentication processes which build a framework for Public Key Cryptography. The X.509 standard is also often used for eMail certificates to ens
XJustizXJustiz is a model developed for electronic legal relations to electronically exchange relevant data between participants to a case and the court based on an XML schema and a basic dataset. By defining the input data fields, it enables the transfer of the
XMeldXMeld is a standardized data exchange format which was developed especially for requirements of business transactions in the field of citizen civil registry.
XML für die Öffentliche Verwaltung (XML for PA), (Germany)Under the management of the OSCI-Leitstelle the XÖV framework combines different initiatives (XMeld, XJustiz or XSozial), which coordinate developments of standards to facilitate the exchange of electronic data within the field of eGovernment applications