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Customer Service Glossary

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FILE TRANFER PROTOCOLFTP the standard Internet protocol for transferring files
FIREWALLcomputer gateway (including hardware, software and
FirewallFirewalls are used to control communication between two networks. They might be used, for example, to connect a public agency network to the internet.
FlashThe Flash program enables interactive vector graphics, animation and presentations to be created. To view the films, a plug-in which can be obtained free of charge is required.
Flash cardThe Flash card is a portable storage medium.
FrameA website can consist of several HTML pages, which are known as frames. Frames cannot be interpreted by older text browsers and screen readers.
FREEWAREshareware that is openly available to the public without
FRONT OFFICE SYSTEM (or FRONT-END)computer infrastructure in an organisation
Front-endCommunications interface between an IT system and the user. A simple front-end, for example, might consist of an input form in which the user enters data which the _ middleware then routes to the _ back-end.
FUNCTIONALITYthe functional behaviour of a system. Functionality
Federal Education and Trainings Assistance ActThe Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act (BAföG) regulates financial support of school and university students and apprentices. Assistance is in the form of a free of interest loan granted for the standard period of study. Eligibility for the lo
FileA file (record) is a factual and task-related arrangement and collection of documents which belong together. The goal is to keep the content available and traceable at any time. Files are recorded with a unique identification. Official documents need to f
Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a collection of questions and their answers which are asked frequently about a specific topic. They are maintained in the form of a web page or in a document.
Front OfficeFront-office refers to a set of application programmes and (virtual or physical) access points that enable direct contact between customers and service providers. In eGovernment, these include web portals, offices for citizens contact, and call centres wh