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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
mGovernmentThe delivery of government services directly to, and customized for, mobile devices.
MacroSequence of instructions or short programme intended to simplify recurring tasks.
Macro virus_Computer virus written in a _ macro programming language (e.g. Word Basic).
MAIL LIST or MAILINGLISTa (usually automated) system that allows people to send
Markup languageMarkup languages are a category of programming languages, e.g. HTML or XML. These markup languages are based on the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML) defined in ISO standard 8879 and are used to logically specify content, for data exchange and t
Media discontinuityMedia discontinuities are points in a (business) process at which data is transferred from one storage medium to another. Media discontinuities reduce efficiency and generally increase the throughput time within a process. Media discontinuities occur in p
MEDIA@KommMEDIA@Komm is a meanwhile completed initiative of the German Federal Government to selectively support the development and use of multimedia in cities and municipalities. To this end, a city competition was announced in 1998 in which 136 cities and munici
Merchant Server Plug-inA component within the frame of a 3D-Secure transaction automatically called by the browser that leads the customer through the authentication procedure and forwards the result to the contracting enterprise (public agency, trader).
MetatagsMetatags appear in the header area of an HTML document. They are not displayed by the browser. The author, language, keywords and a brief description of the page content can be defined using metatags. This metatag information is evaluated by many search e
MiddlewareDepending on the architecture of an IT application, it may be useful to transfer _ front-end or _ back-end functionality to one or more intermediate layers. Generally, these layers take the form of intermediate servers which, for example, check access rig
ModuleThe _ E-Government Manual consists of separately published texts which are referred to as modules.
MONITORINGrecording of relevant information about each operation
MSAA interfaceUtilities, such as a screen reader and information on the programme, can be provided through the Microsoft Active
MULTIMEDIAsound and graphics files. Much of the popularity of the
Media BreakWhenever the medium changes during a work process, a media break takes place. In most cases the result is a higher amount of work and a disruption of the work routine. An application which is completed on paper by a customer and afterwards electronically
MediationMediation is the settlement of conflicts between parties in a non public and out of court proceeding. With the assistance of a neutral third person (mediator) the conflicting parties try to negotiate an agreement which is arranged by mutual consent and su
MetadataMetadata are structured data, which contain information about other data and thereby describe data. For instance, the metadata attributes of electronic documents are detailed by author, right of access, date of the last processing, format and keywords. Th
MiddlewareMiddleware is a technical infrastructure (software), which enables different applications to access resources on shared systems. Middleware solutions are required to interop-erate front office and back office applications and systems.
Mobile GovernmentMobile Government (mGovernment) is the intensive use of mobile technologies and devices in connection with eGovernment. The term also includes the transaction of business processes over wireless networks and mobile devices like Laptops, mobile phones or P
MonitoringThe generic term monitoring covers any form of monitoring and controlling of situations, activities, processes or systems. It is often implemented with the use of technical support. Monitoring is also used for managing divergent processes.