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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
NetiquetteCollective term for – not necessarily legally codified – rules of etiquette on the internet, e.g. conduct in chat rooms etc.
NETWORKa group of computers and peripherals connected to share
NETWORK INTERFACEwhere two operators networks are interconnected, each
NEWSGROUPStopical discussion groups that are part of the Usenet.
NoframeNoframe areas should be used for users whose browsers do not support frames. Navigation links are inserted here, for example, so that every user can use the page.
Non-DMV RevenuesRevenues generated through all eGovernment services other than driver histories.
Non-repudiation( _ IT security objective) Guarantee that the sending and receipt of data and information cannot be disputed. In other words, the issue is the binding force and proof of occurrence of a transaction.
Networked GovernmentsNetworked governments refer to the concept of governments being fully inter-linked with their partners and constituencies via modern ICT in order to fulfil their public duties. A key precondition thereby is full interoperability at all levels.
New Public ManagementNew public management (NPM) is the generic term for internationally discussed reform and modernisation approaches for public authorities. The focus of such concepts lies in the adoption of management concepts, theories and instruments as used in the priva
New Steering ModelThe New Steering Model (German: Neues Steuerungsmodell), which is based on the New Public Management concepts, was developed by the Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für Verwaltungsmanagement (KGSt) as a holistic concept for the modernisation of public admini