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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
Screen readerScreen readers are screen reading programmes which interpret the entire screen content and pass the information to a Braille display and/or speech output.
SEARCH ENGINEa service that provides access to a searchable database of
Search Engine Optimizationan online method used to increase The amount of high-quality traffic to A particular Web site.
SECRET-KEY CRYPTOSYSTEMa symmetric cryptographic process that uses the same
SECURITYthe collection of safeguards that ensures the
Security_IT security
Security concept_IT security concept
Security objectives_IT security objectives
Security officer_IT security officer
Security policyThe security policy defines the desired security standard with which tasks are carried out by the organisation.
Self-FundedDeveloped by NIC, this business model allows governments to offer eGovernment services without using upfront taxpayer funds. NIC collects a nominal transaction fee for a limited number of high-volume applications to cover the costs of building and managin
ServerComputer or programme which interacts with and provides services to multiple, distributed _ clients.
Service_ Defined in Section 1.2
Service providerProvider of telecommunications and media services. The commercial nature of the offered services is not a prerequisite for this designation.
SETprotocol developed by Visa/Mastercard for Secure
ShortcutShort cuts are predefined, programme-specific key combinations that can be used to execute various commands more quickly.
Signature_Digital signature, _ electronic signature
SitemapThe sitemap is a table of contents that offers an overview of the entire website through the navigation options.
SMART CARDtransactional electronic technology capable of storing and
SmartcardAlso known as chip card. Plastic card the same size as a standard credit card with an integrated mini-processor (chip). Smartcards are connected to the computer via an appropriate card reader.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTPis used to transfer e-mail between computers,
Social NetworkingWeb sites in which Internet users can create profiles and build personal networks to connect to other users.
SOG-ISthe European Commission’s Senior Officials Group
Source codeThe source code (source text) is the programming code of a web
SPAMunsolicited and usually unwelcome e-mail.
SPECIFICATIONdescription of the desired behaviour of a system, as
SPHINXPilot project to implement manufacturer and platform-independent e-mail security between originators and recipients on the basis of digital signature and encryption procedures (http://www.bsi.bund.de/aufgaben/projekte/sphinx/).
Statutory signatureVoluntary formal agreement
SubscriptionA feature that allows high-volume users of eGovernment services to access value-added portal applications with A secure user name and password.
Symmetric encryption_Encryption procedure in which information is encrypted and decrypted using the same key. See also _ asymmetric encryption.
SYSTEMan inter-dependent collection of components that can be
ScenarioScenario [in eGovRTD2020] is an internally consistent and coherent sketch of a future vision of eGovernment. Scenarios are archetypal images of the future, developed through interpretations of the current reality.
Secure Socket LayerSecure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol for encrypting messages during data transfer on the Internet. SSL enables encrypted connections and authentication of certificates in real time by the X.509 standard. Public Key Cryptography is used to encrypt the m
Semantic WebSemantic web is designed to upgrade todays Internet (WWW) with machine readable data extended with computer-processable meaning (semantics). Metadata stores information on web content (knowledge objects) in such a way that machines are able to read and pr
Service Level AgreementA Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement or contract between a service provider and a customer. The agreement contains specifications about the purpose, scale of operations and quality of a service.
Shared Service CenterA Shared Service Center (SSC) is an independent organisational unit within an organization, which provides in-house services for several organisational units working almost independently. Thus it enables the efficient use of shared resources, the bundling
Signature CardThe signature card is a chip card which includes, among other things, an electronic signature and the certificates required for an easy and secure authentication process. It enables a legally binding electronic signature. Such signatures are used for secu
Single access pointSingle access point describes the concept of one unique entry point to government services from a wide range of different public agencies. See also One-stop Government.
Single Sign-onSingle sign-on is the one-time authentication of a user in a system, which enables access to different services and systems outside the initial system without having to renew authentication at each subsystem.
Socio-technicalFor the term socio-technical exists still no general understanding. So, to start an explanation one can begin with separating the terms "socio" and "technical".
Socio-technical systemSocio-technical system in the context of eGovernment refers to considering public administration made up of people (the social system) using tools, techniques and knowledge (the technical Glossary 191 system) to produce public services valued by the gover
Software EngineeringSoftware engineering is the part of computer science which deals with the production, use and further development of software systems. It provides engineering methods and concepts to analyse, design, implement and test software applications and software s
StandardThe term standard is mostly used for common, well-known and generally approved rules for engineering approaches and solutions in specific contexts. When used as a synonym for norms, the expression refers to a set of legally approved rules which have under
Standards and Architecture for eGovernment ApplicationsThe document Standards and Architectures for eGovernment Applications (SAGA) contains recommendations on standards, architectures, infrastructures, specifications and technologies for eGovernment applications in Germany. The aim is to achieve more interop
State of playState of play [in eGovRTD2020] describes the current stage and status of eGovernment implementation in the projects participating countries. It is likely that each implementation is in the state of flux.
Streaming MediaStreaming media or just streaming is the name for the continuous reception and playback of multimedia content (audio, video) simultaneously over a network. For the playback the file does not have to be transferred completely but can be replayed immediatel
Supplier Input Process Output CustomerDefinition (Source: OntoGovOntology)