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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)Required registered debt filings that are typically processed by A state’s secretary of state office.
UploadAn upload entails passing data from one’s own computer to a computer on the network.
URLUniform (or Universal) Resource Locator. A unique identifier of
UsabilityThe combination of content, technology functionality, navigation, and information architecture that allows users to quickly and easily accomplish what they are trying to do on a Web site.
UsabilityUsability refers to the fitness for purpose and ease-of-use, for example, of a website or programme. The critical parameter is the extent to which visitors can use the website efficiently and to their satisfaction.
USB stickA USB stick is a mobile storage medium that is connected to a USB port.
USENETa worldwide network of newsgroups (special interest groups)
UserThis refers to the internet users.
UsabilityUsability is the degree to which users are able to use a system with the skills, knowledge, stereotypes and experience they can bring to bear.