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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
Back OfficeThe term Back-Office covers the processes and workflows of organisations which, unlike the front-office, are run in the internal part of an organisation and which are mostly invisible to the [external] customer or citizen. Examples include the processing
Balanced eGovernmentBalanced eGovernment describes the balance between efficient and citizen-oriented work in public administrations, and the promotion of communication, participation and decision-making by the citizens in democratic and societal processes.
Best PracticeBest Practices are solutions, practices and products, which are already realized and successfully used in practice. The transfer of such approved practices should reduce costs und preclude mistakes beforehand. Best Practices are determined by benchmarking
BIENE AwardThe BIENE Award (Barrierefreies Internet eröffnet neue Einsichten, BIENE) is awarded by the Aktion Mensch and the Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation) for the best accessible (in terms of without barriers) services on the Internet.
BiometricsRelated to information and communication technology the term biometrics describes different biometric security processes for the identification, detection and measuring of physical traits to secure the identity of a person and guarantee secure authenticat
Black TechnologiesBlack technologies are different means used by the mass media to purposefully shape the negative/ positive opinion of society about a particular person, institution, process, etc. To discredit e.g. some organisation, a newspaper could publish articles int
Braille TerminalThe braille terminal is a computer input and output device that displays content of a computer screen in braille to make it legible for blind and visually impaired people so that they are able to work independently with a computer.
BundOnline 2005BundOnline 2005 is an initiative of the German Federal Government and an important element in public sector modernization and reduction of bureaucracy in Germany. In 2001, the overall objective was set to make all online compatible services available on t
Business Process ReengineeringBusiness process re-engineering (BPR); (re-engineering) is an approach to modernise and restructure main business processes in organisations with the aim to improving effectiveness, efficiency, service performance (productivity), and quality of products a
Business to BusinessIn general, the term Business to Business (B2B) stands for business relations between private companies. Yet it mainly applies to the communication and the transaction of business processes between companies based on information and communication technolo
Business to GovernmentBusiness to Government describes business processes between private companies and public administrations based on information and communication technology.
BACK OFFICE SYSTEM (or BACK END)computer infrastructure within an organisation,a given time period, for example, that an encrypted file which supports core business process applications but has no external interface with costumers (unlike a Web site or portal)
Back-endThe back-end of an IT application is used to store and administer the data (database).
BANDWIDTHa measure of the amount of electronic data that can be transmitted, either down a telephone line or through an individual radio channel. In analogue systems, it is measured in cycles per second (Hertz) and in digital systems in binary bits per second. (Bi
Barrier freedomBarrier freedom refers to that which can be safely accessed by walking, used and reached. The term is used in connection with construction and transport as well as in information technology. _ Accessibility.
Baseline Protection Manual_IT Baseline Protection Manual
BENCHMARKINGa detailed analysis of an electronic reporting program to determine whether it can be used in whole or in part in another state or agency.
BEST PRACTICESmethodologies that provide beneficial results. Some best practices are general in nature and can be applied to almost every industry; other best practices are industry-specific.
Billing procedure_Payment procedure in which individual invoice or payment amounts are summed up or set off up to a certain point in time or until reaching a minimum amount.
Binding forceSee _ non-repudiation
Biometric proceduresBiometric procedures are procedures for the automatic recognition of people through physical features or typical behaviour, e.g. personal signature.
BITSunits of binary data. One byte consists of eight bits (each
Blended FundingA business model that allows government to pay for eGovernment services with more than one funding approach.
BlogA Web site that provides commentary or news on A particular subject and often combines text, images, and links to other blogs and Web sites. Many blogs also feature an interactive format that allows readers to leave comments.
BookmarkIn Netscape Navigator, bookmarks are pointers that enable URLs of favourite websites to be noted. From the selection menu, it is possible to rapidly access a bookmarked web page without having to enter the address. In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are refe
BPS (bits per second)in data communications, bps is a common measure of data speed for computer modems and transmission carriers. As the term implies, the speed in bps is equal to the number of bits transmitted or received each second.
BrailleBraille is a system of writing for the blind that uses characters made up of raised dots which can be “read” with the fingertips. It is named after the French inventor, Louis Braille.
Braille displayA Braille display is a one-line display, on which the raised dots in Braille can be “read” by touch.
BROADBANDA transmission medium that can carry signals from
BROWSERclient software for viewing accessing Web pages.
Browser_Web browser
BundOnline 2005.E-government initiative launched by the German government with the aim of offering all online-capable services of the federal government online by 2005. http://www.bundonline2005.de
BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS (B2B)electronic commerce does not only refer to the relationship between business and consumer, but also to the economic connection between business and business. This means that a company that uses the Internet for ordering from its suppliers or making paymen
BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER (B2C)electronic commerce comprises commercial transactions, involving both organisations and individuals. From the technical point of view e-commerce is the processing and transmission of digitised data. E-commerce decreases the distance between producers and
BYTEone byte of data comprises eight bits (binary digits