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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
e-businessElectronic business. Private business activities on the internet. _ E-government can be viewed as “public service e-business”.
e-commerceElectronic commerce. Commerce on the internet. A subdivision of _ e-business.
E-COMMERCEselling products or services to customers using the
E-EUROPE eEurope“An Information Society for all” – an initiative launched
E-GATEAWAYa project initiated by the European Commission. The
eGovernmentA platform for delivering government services via The Internet, telephone, mobile devices, and point-of-purchase locations.
E-GOVERNMENTthe carrying out of government business transactions
E-Government Co-ordinatorHead of the E-Government Team
E-Government Initiative_ BundOnline 2005.
E-Government ManualA manual issued by BSI that is intended to help public agencies develop solutions during the introduction of E-Government. Target group: e-government co-ordinators and teams, product developers in industry, other interested parties. http://www.e-governmen
e-government service_Online service
E-Government TeamProject team in a public agency whose task is to introduce e-government in the agency in the form of an ongoing, long-term project.
ELECTRONIC FORMSforms available on a Web site or Intranet, which a user
Electronic signatureAccording to Section 2 of the Digital Signature Act (SigG), this is “data in electronic form which is appended to or logically associated with other electronic data and is used for authentication purposes.” This general description includes the use of _ d
Electronic signature, advancedUnder Section 2 (2) of the Digital Signature Act (SigG), this is defined as _ electronic signatures which permit the “reliable” identification of the “signatory” and effectively protect the _ integrity of the signed data.
Electronic signature, qualifiedSection 2 (3) of the Digital Signature Act (SigG) defines these as _ advanced electronic signatures which are based on a _ qualified certificate created by an (accredited) _ certificate service provider or are generated using extremely secure products (“s
ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONSin ordinary language, dealings between people and
E-MAILelectronic mail - usually sent or received over the
e-moneyIn addition to _ cash and _ deposit money, a further form of money that is electronically stored on a data carrier, e.g. a chip card, as a replacement for _ cash. In accordance with the EU Directive 2000/46 EC, electronic money refers to a monetary value
e-money institutionAn institution that, in accordance with EU Directive 2000/46 EC, is authorised to issue _ e-money.
ENCRYPTIONa mechanism for coding or ‘scrambling’ electronic
EncryptionMathematical procedure for protecting confidentiality, _ asymmetric encryption, _ symmetric encryption.
End-to-end communicationHere, the communication ends are the customer and the employee of the public agency; the personal addresses of the customer and the (responsible) employee of the public agency must be known.
End-to-organisation communicationHere, the communication ends are the customer and an organisational unit of the public agency; the personal address of the customer and the functional, organisational or task-related address of the organisational unit must be known.
ENTR DGEnterprise, the Directorate General of the European
e-procurementElectronic acquisition. Electronic procurement e.g. http://www.e-vergabe.info.
ETHERNETa method for connecting computers to a network using
European Bridge-CAEuropean Bridge-CA allows secure and authentic communication between enterprises and public administration. http://www.bridge-ca.de
Event handlerEvent handlers, such as onMouseOver, trigger a predefined JavaScript function following activation by the user. They are mostly specified in the form of attributes in HTML tags.
ExculpationLatin for freeing from blame. The term in used in a legal context for refuting a liability in tort by means of furnishing corresponding proof of proper action (e.g. in Section 831 German Civil Code (BGB) through the proper selection and direction of vicar
EXTRANETa system for regular communication between an
EffectivenessEffectiveness is the extent to which an organisation or programme accomplishes its mission, goals, and objectives, especially from the perspective of key stakeholders. It is part of the three Es (Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness). If Economy means sp
Electronic AdministrationElectronic Administration (EAdministration) covers the deployment of modern ICT in the public sector administration in order to make the performance and management of business operations more efficient and effective. When talking of eGovernment in the pas
Electronic BusinessElectronic Business (EBusiness) deals with all forms of electronic transactions of business processes by the use involving the use of information and communication technology.
Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup LanguageElectronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language (ebXML) is a modular suite of specifications that enables enterprises of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over the Internet. Using ebXML, companies now have a standard metho
Electronic CommerceAs a part of eBusiness eCommerce Electronic Commerce (ECommerce) deals with the business transaction of goods, information and services over electronic systems in the commercial sector.
Electronic Data ProcessingElectronic Data Processing (EDP) is the traditional term for data processing with computers. Nowadays the term information technology (IT) or information and communication technology (ICT) is used.
Electronic DemocracyElectronic Democracy (EDemocracy) describes the (technical and organisational) modernisation and support of political and democratic processes with innovative information and communication technology. Concepts and solutions focus on proper methods and acc
Electronic FileThe electronic file (also electronic record, eFile) serves the same purpose, and is subject to the same requirements as a conventional file. However, its content is stored and processed electronically. Advantages of the electronic file are higher transpar
Electronic FormAn Electronic Form is an electronic paperless form which is, for example, available on a web page and can be completed on the screen. With eForms, the public sector offers simple and whenever possible without barriers and media breaks - invocation of appl
Electronic GovernmentElectronic Government refers to the simplification and the transaction of business processes by the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the context of governance and public administration.
Electronic HealthElectronic Health (EHealth) is an emerging field in the intersection of medical informatics, public health and business, referring to health services and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet and related technologies. In a broader sense,
Electronic Health CardThe Electronic Health Card (eGK) is a chip card toreplace the health insurance card. The eGK is able to store information in compliance with security requirements. The back of the card represents the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for medical treat
Electronic Kiosk SystemAn electronic kiosk system (eKiosk) is a publicly accessible terminal that allows users to query information or invoke transactions. These systems are characterized by a simple, interactive and intuitive user interface and multimedia representation of ava
Electronic LawseLaws is the electronic publication of current laws and legal regulations on an Internet platform. Official laws are provided on the Internet free of charge and without access restrictions. The files can be read directly with a browser and can be printed
Electronic LearningElectronic Learning (eLearning) encompasses all forms of teaching and learning based on information and communication technology and thus extends traditional methods of knowledge transfer. eLearning allows interactive, multimedia-based, cooperative and in
Electronic ParticipationElectronic Participation (eParticipation) develops and implements forms of participation in decision and policy-making processes for citizens based on the extensive use of information and communication technology. eParticipation thereby spans information
Electronic ParticipationElectronic Participation (eParticipation) develops and implements forms of participation in decision and policy-making processes for citizens based on the extensive use of information and communication technology. eParticipation thereby spans information
Electronic PassportThe Electronic Passport (ePass) is the name of the electronic passport. The passport is retrofitted with an RF chip which stores the biometric data of a person with cryptographic processes in addition to common passport data. The passport photo will be in
Electronic PaymentElectronic Payment (ePayment) is the generic term for accepted systems and processes for the electronic transmission of data required for payment over a network (Internet, UMTS etc.). These processes ensure secure accounting and payment for users and prov
Electronic PrescriptionThe conventional prescription will be replaced by a paperless electronic prescription (ePrescription). It can be recorded by the physician withuse of the Electronic Health Card (eGK). As usual, it will be issued by the medico and redeemed individual-relat
Electronic ProcurementElectronic Procurement (eProcurement) refers to an organisations process of procuring goods and services online, for example via the Internet. The buyer and seller optimise the whole value chain of acquisition, negotiation, order and delivery of goods and
Electronic ServicesElectronic Services (EServices) is a generic expression for services which are handled and delivered electronically.
Electronic TenderingA part of eProcurement, Electronic Tendering, describes the process of drawing up a tender through to the contracting of a bidder. Tendering steps are executed fully electronically using eTendering platforms in the Internet. The overall aim is to execute
Electronic VotingElectronic Voting (eVoting) includes both electronic means of casting a vote and electronic means of counting votes (part of eDemocracy). It describes different ways of electing and voting by the use of information and communication technology. Online net
Elektronische Steuererklärung"The ELSTER website enables online transmission of income tax returns and tax notifications. Tax returns filed are automatically compared with the electronic assessment issued by the tax administration to determine immediately whether, and if so where, th
Enterprise Resource PlanningEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides support for managing and controlling companies via efficient control, improved business processes and effective resource planning. This process is normally supported by software systems (ERP Systems) which help
EnvironmentEnvironment [in eGovRTD2020] is a dimension which indicates that the future can either be stable or disruptive. A stable environment can be characterised by economic growth, a balanced world order, living in harmony, prosperity and welfare. Whereas in a d
ESTATISTIK.coreThe statistical offices of the Federal Government and the Countries is a service for the automated survey and supply of statistical raw data from cost accounting with a communication interface called eSTATISTIK.core. The data can be transmitted electronic
Extensible Markup LanguageThe Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a meta language for the specification of data and documents. It was designed for the cross-platform exchange and the proc-essing of data between different applications. This is enabled by the separation of the prese