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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
Gate functionA necessary functional intermediate step based on the design of the web offer, e.g. the forced display of the terms of use as a necessary intermediate step to access further online offers.
GATEWAYthe technical meaning is a hardware or software set-up
G-COMMERCEeCommerce applied to government. Government as both
Governing BoardA government-appointed entity that provides oversight for eGovernment portal operations. A typical governing board has both public and private sector representation and develops The policies, establishes The fee structure, and sets all priorities for The
Government 2.0Also known as Gov 2.0 or eGov 2.0, this is the adoption of Web 2.0 social platforms and tools inside government to help improve citizen engagement and collaboration between government and citizens.
Green GovernmentThe practice of using technology and business process improvement to reduce government’s impact on The environment.
GapGap [in eGovRTD2020] is defined as a mismatch between the issues (dimensions or topic of interest) in the state of play and future scenarios, or a lack of recognition of issues that are not in the state of play but required in the future scenarios.
Gap StorylinesGap storylines [in eGovRTD2020] are a coherent collection of issues (dimensions and topics of interest) within one category including a problem, a goal and potential solutions in the future. Storylines may enlarge issues of scenarios with new aspects to m
Geographical Information SystemA Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, editing, managing and displaying data related to locations. Data related to locations means that geo-referenced data is well-defined and traceable thus enablingvisualization of th
Geography Markup LanguageGeography Markup Language (GML) is a XML based open interchange format for the encod-ing of geographical data so that it can be transported, stored and modeled. GML supports the use of geographical information systems over the Internet and features expand
Gnu Privacy GuardThe Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) is an open source encryption software for ciphering and signing electronic data and communication. For example it is used as an encoding method for eMails and chat messages.
Good GovernanceGood governance is a concept that describes the principles, approaches and guidelines for steering and managing an organisation. In the public sector, it refers to public administrations promoting interaction and formation of political will with regards t
Governance Enterprise ArchitectureThe Governance Enterprise Architecture (GEA) is proposed as a set of domain models, and serves as a top-level enterprise architecture for eGovernment systems.
GovernikusThe middleware Governikus is a software solution which uses encryption processes in order to allow secure and legally compliant online transactions across the range of eGovernment services. The software is based on the communication standards OSCI and XML
Government GatewayThe GovernmentGateway is a technical infrastructure (Middleware), which enables customers of public administration to enact electronic public information and transaction services via a centralized web based eGovernment portal.
Government to CitizenGovernment to Citizien (G2C) describes business relationships between public administrations and citizens (as customers) based on information and communication technology.
Government to GovernmentGovernment to Government (G2G) describes business relationships between various public authorities based on information and communication technology.
Graphical User InterfaceThe Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the user interface for the simplified interactive use of application programs or operating systems. By using a GUI, a program is no longer operated by the command line but by graphical elements and the use of the curs
GroupwareGroupware are Application Programs based on concepts of CSCW which support the collaboration of individuals, teams and working groups via group support systems.
GroupwareGroupware are Application Programs based on concepts of CSCW which support the collaboration of individuals, teams and working groups via group support systems.