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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
OCSP/CRL relayComponent of the VPS (Virtual Post Office) to check the status of the certificate. The certificates and certificate revocation lists are queried using the directory services of the certificate authorities via the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
OECDOrganisation for Economic and Commercial Development. OECD groups 30member countries sharing a commitment to democratic
OFFLINEprocesses, which may be computerised, but not running
OfflineNot (accessible, useable, reachable) over a computer network such as the internet. Means deactivated, not connected.
ONE-STOP GOVERNMENTimportant development within the current initiatives of e-
ONLINEprocesses running on the computer system, and
Online(Accessible, useable, reachable) over a computer network such as the internet. Means activated, connected.
Online service_ Service which is (partly) provided online.
Online shop_ Web shop
Online-capable_Defined in Section 1.3.
OPEN NETWORKSnetworks which can be accessed openly and interface
Operating systemThe operating system is a control program that enables users to manage their files, control connected devices (e.g. printer, hard disk) and to start programs. Operating systems that are widely used include Windows, Linux and MacOS.
OPERATING SYSTEMa program that runs on a computer whose purpose is to
OPT –IN; OPT-OUTIf you choose to receive information by e-mail or direct
Over-the-Counter PaymentsWhen government offices use card-swipe technology to accept credit card payments that are processed through NIC’s secure payment management system.
One-stop GovernmentOne-stop government describes a concept with a single point of access to electronic services and information offered by different public authorities. Online one-stop Government requires public Glossary 190 authorities to be fully networked. The users of o
Online Analytical ProcessingOnline Analytical Processing (OLAP) is an interactive instrument for the analytic processing and data-recall facility in huge databases without the need for specialized technical knowledge. A faster and more significant analysis is enabled by a data model
Online ApplicationOnline Application is an application program of the German social pension programme for simplifying the electronic acceptance of applications for pensions. The term is used in general to describe the use of a secure and legally compliant electronic applic
Online Certificate Status ProtocolThe Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) is a standard for a request-response protocol to check the current status of a digital certificate over a network. The status request identifies whether a digital certificate is valid or revoked. The authentic
Online ServicesOnline Services is the collective term for all kinds of service offers which can be used over the Internet. It also includes basic (or trivial) services which only provide access to the Internet and to the available content.
Online Services Computer InterfacesThe protocol standard Online Services Computer Interface (OSCI) was developed specially for eGovernment applications and contains various protocols for the secure transfer and processing of documents over the Internet. Encryption of messages and separatio
OntologyDefinition of the term "Ontology" Ontology: in metaphysics, the study of the nature of being and existence, their basic categories and relationships to determine what entities and what types of entities exist [SUMO and Wikipedia]. In computer science, the
Open SourceOpen Source is software which is freely available. Arbitrary copying, use and distribution of the software is permitted. The source code is also freely accessible and visible for users and can be changed, passed on and published by other developers.
OpennessOpenness refers to the quality of an organisation, programme or society which encourages broad participation and multiple view points, and accepts new ideas and external influences.
Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information StandardsOrganisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Standards are approved within an OASIS Committee, submitted for public review, implemented by at least three organizations, and finally ratified by the Consortium's membershi
OutsourcingOutsourcing is a strategy for the delegation of fields of work and services of an organization to an external contractor. Outsourcing is intended to lower costs, to increase efficiency and to enable organizations to focus on their core business. Another d