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The construction market has experienced a surge of globalization, with engineers, contractors and construction management firms increasingly seeking joint ventures in multiple markets globally.  As a result, there is a growing need for industry leaders to collaborate, stay abreast of key trends and innovations and maintain the quality of architecture expected of the global construction market in the region.

The "GCC Construction Quality Conference " will address quality problems faced by the construction industry, and their associated costs. The event aims to pursue and implement innovative quality‐management organizations and techniques in the construction sector, as proper design and implementation of these work procedures would lead to reduced wastage and higher efficiency.

The conference will bring together industry representatives from the major construction markets around the GCC, as well as industry, to explore growth prospects and examine solutions to the most pressing industry challenges in the region.

Who will attend ?

  • CEOs, Managing Directors and other executives
  • Senior Level executives from Real Estate and Construction Companies
  • Institutional investors and asset managers
  • Engineers, Architects & Designers
  • Property Consultants and Planners
  • Building Materials Traders, Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Safety Departments leads & executives
  • Fire & Safety Compliance Officers
  • Fire Engineering Executives
  • Design Advocates and Design organizations
  • Researchers and property developers
  • Architects and urban planners

Why should you attend?

The conference is designed to equip the construction industry with the best knowledge to improve the productivity and profitability of the region’s construction sector while strictly maintaining a high level of quality. The event will also serve as a call to action for senior industry leaders and will bring together delegations from the major construction markets, as well as key industry leaders, to discover resolutions to several major global industry challenges, take part in discussions around macroeconomic issues, industry trends, business development opportunities, innovations and best practices.