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Customer Service Glossary

Name Description
Layout tableIn a layout table, the tabular structure is not used to process numbers or other data, but merely to position text and images on the page. If the pages are to be barrier-free to disabled people, the layout should be created not with tables but with CSS.
LinearizabilityWhen testing a website for barrier freedom, the linearizability of tables is checked. Tables are processed by the access software of blind internet users cell by cell, from left-to-right, top to bottom. If tables are “linearizable”, the cell contents make
LOG FILErecord of web server transactions containing: date/time
LOGINthis is the process of registering your session on a multi-
Longdesc attributeThe longdesc attribute is used in graphics with complex content for users of screen readers and text browsers. It points to another text page on which the graphic is described.
Lean GovernmentLean government describes a concept to reform a government including its organisational and operational structure by e.g. flattening hierarchies, reducing bureaucracies, reengineering and reducing service portfolios, as well as minimising manual work. Oft
Life-event conceptLife-event concept (Life Event Principle) refers to a structuring principle of online public services along life-events to meet citizens needs and provide ways of searching for information of these events (e.g. birth of a child, marriage, etc.). All relev
Light Weight Directory Access ProtocolThe Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a protocol for access to directory services and other resources over the Internet or Intranet. These directory services enable the standardized interoperable access and use of stored objects (addresses,