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The potential to advance public administration efficiency is by escalating performance, convenience and accessibility of government information and service to its users.  The internet is playing a vital role in allowing the government to better serve all of its citizens no matter where they are located.  Taking advantage of new technologies, government organizations are utilizing the web to offer the public a host of services like...

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Conference Mission Statement

The mission of “GCC Government Organization Websites Global Competitiveness Strategy Development Conference” is to highlight innovation and technologies for the GCC government organizations' websites development and their global competency whilst focusing on strategies and tools to advance government websites to globally competitive standards.

GCC Webmasters and IT Managers Participation


Who will attend ?

  • Webmasters, Web Developers and Web Designers
  • CIOs, IT Managers, IT Directors and CTOs
  • eGovernment and eService Leaders
  • Website Content Development Managers
  • IT Security and Network Professionals
  • System Integrator Professionals
  • Hardware, Software and Network Engineers
  • Web Solution Providers
  • Decision Makers and Top Executives
  • Academia and Researchers
  • Telecom and Internet Service Providers
  • C-level Executives, Directors and Department Heads
  • Information Technology Professionals and Experts

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The event will focus on the current web development practices and aim to highlight the benefits of adopting certified web standards, best practices and present concrete solutions on how to improve performance.  As more and more people move to consuming information online, it is crucial to improve usability and accessibility threshold, content development and their global competency to web standards.  The conference will develop...