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المنتدى الخامس للقيادات التنفيذية

5th Leading CEOs Summit

Wed | March 19, 2008  | Burj Al Arab Hotel  | Dubai, UAE


As stewards of business in this era of increased competition, leading CEOs are compelled to consider how to transform their organizations to become more innovative, responsible and  profitable. The Leading CEOs Summit discusses how business decision-makers should address these challenges and advises them on best practices that can make their organizations world class. It brings together regional and global C-level executives to access new models, share best practices, and discuss issues and how they impact the bottom line

What will be discussed?

Are you a CEO? Do you have an issue that has bogged you down? Join and present it at the 5th Leading CEOs Summit and benefit from an attentive, objective discussion that will inevitably lead to the emergence of a range of potential solutions. The diversity of the experience will prepare you to make better decisions that will translate into improved results for your company. As a summit delegate, you will have the opportunity to participate in facilitated dialogues with other CEOs and business leaders, resulting in practical solutions to the unique challenges faced by the business community. Each  dialogue will begin with remarks from a leader on a relevant topic and discussion will follow.

Who Will Attend?

Top decision-makers from the government and business sectors including:

  • CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents
  • Chairmen, Directors, Managing Directors, Executive Directors
  • Senior Managers

Why Should you attend?

The Leading CEO Summit’s program is the result of careful research and analysis to determine the most important and complex issues currently faced by leading government and business executives in the region, making it an ideal event for regional C-level decision makers. The attendees will engage in interesting discussions on the changing role of CEOs; new leadership practices, trends, and developments; research findings; global and region-specific business cases; and much more. The speakers will be a mix of leading, real-world business and government CEOs, leading professors from worldwide business schools and leadership excellence centers, and other experts. Participation includes the summit sessions and the networking lunch, as well as access to research reports from Datamatix and its business partners.

Note: Bear in mind that the schedules of high profile speakers are subject to alteration.

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» Welcome

Ali Al Kamali

Managing Director

» Speakers

» Regulations

  • Only registered participants are welcomed.
  • Early Registration is strongly recommended.
  • Confirmation will be sent to all registered participants.
  • No refund will be given in case of cancellation.
  • In case of cancellation a substitute is welcome.

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