Working From Home System Process

Once you join us, we will provide you access to eSales system. You are required to make use of the eSales system extensively for each and every sales call you make.

You will be provided a job description and will need to work very closely with the Datamatix Sales Coordinator. You will not be provided with any leads from our end but would be required to generate your own leads and work with them.

Once you contact the prospects for any of the above mentioned events, you can send them the proposals using the eSales system. Your contact person will be a key person from our organization and the payments will also be directed to our company’s account. Once the sales come through it will be accounted in your name and by the end of the month the total sales will be counted and your commission will be calculated on the basis of it.

To keep a track on your sales or to see which of your leads have materialized you can login onto the website to view the status.