Datamatix Strategic Center

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Datamatix is a think tank where intellectuals and researchers from around the world submit their articles, papers, policy positions and arguments on various issues that have a direct or indirect impact on the Middle East. The topic areas we aim to cover fall predominantly under 7 categories and they are:

  • Economic and Trade Policies ,
  • Social Policies
  • Environmental Policies
  • Education & Higher Learning Policies
  • Healthcare Policies
  • International Relations
  • Innovation & Industry Policies

To become a member of this group, please fill in the form below and attach a policy paper on one of the topics listed above. A committee will then evaluate your paper, and based on your articulation, we will communicate with you to process your membership in Datamatix.

Please note that our members share the following beliefs:

  • That the Middle East needs to play a more active role in regional and international affairs.
  • That the Middle East needs to balance its current status of being a consumer of world products and services by becoming a producer and exporter of goods and services on par with the rest of the world
  • That the Middle East has values that should be shared with the rest of civilization
  • That the Middle East has been and will continue to be a contributor to the common good in many areas

Please Note that Datamatix is in the process of creating a monthly online magazine and your writings will be posted as "issues based" discussion pieces. Each article will have a message board to encourage discussion amongst our members. This forum will be monitored and closed to the general public.

Membership benefits:

  • Monthly reports on government projects in the Middle East region
  • Scheduled Interactive Q&A sessions with government figures from across the Middle East.
  • Brainstorming with a network of intellectuals, researchers and government decision makers from the region
  • Access to focused research on government initiatives and plans
  • Discussion forum

Fringe benefits

  • Discounts at select hotels and restaurants across the GCC
  • Discounted airfare on select airlines
  • Discounts in select shops in Dubai

To become a member of the Datamatix kindly fill out the form below and attach your article or policy paper. Someone from our office will contact you within 72 hours of your submission. We look forward to having you as part of our esteemed membership.