Datamatix World Meter

  • The data is somewhat correct for 2007-2018 years
  • Uses your computer's clock, so if you are curious how much we will have HIV-infected in 2050 then just change your system time to 2050. Please note that it will just calculate values based on current statistics.
  • Please note that we're unable to "track" recent events like earthquake or war fatalities, since there are no available to public statistic about such events.
  • There are known compatibility issues with some browsers, like Konqueror or Safari. Please use IE, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox if you see some weird or negative counters (for example ~2 millions in current population, while ~6 millions is correct). Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's no way to fix it at this time.
  • Do not use for exact calculations. (Reference: )
current Earth population
births this year
births today
deaths this year
deaths today
absolute population growth for today (births minus deaths)
Government & Economics
Govt. expenditures on military this year ($U.S. millions)
Govt. expenditures on education this year ($U.S. millions)
Countries in U.N.
Cars produced in this year
Bicycles produced in this year
Computers sold in this year
book titles published this year
newspapers circulated in this year
movie visitors this year
cumulative hours waited for internet to download this year
forest loss (hectares) this year
productive land loss through soil erosion (hectares) this year
topsoil erosion from farmlands (metric tons) this year
carbon dioxide (co2) emissions (metric tons)
desert land formed due to mismanagement (acres) this year
miles Earth has traveled in space within our Solar System this year
Earth's weignt in trillion tons
age of Earth (years)
lightning strikes to earth this year
tons of live being's biological waste (poo), total
tons of caught fish in this year
tons of produced food this year
millions of calories, consumed this year
millions of grams of protein consumed in this year
underweight kids right now
hungry people right now
dollars, spent on diet in the USA this year
produced energy this year 1
consumed energy this year 2
consumed oil this year 3
consumed coal this year 4
solar energy striking Earth this year5

All figures are measured in metric tons, coal equivalent. At these rates, the world will produce and consume at the following energy levels this year (in metric tons of coal equivalents):

  1. Energy Production: 11.9 billion
  2. Energy Consumption: 11.2 billion
  3. Oil consumption: 4.3 billion
  4. Coal Consumption: 4.3 billion
  5. Solar Energy Striking the Earth's Surface: 2,700 billion
deaths caused by communicable diseases this year
deaths of children under 5 this year
deaths of mothers during birth this year
are HIV-infected
deaths caused by HIV (total)
deaths caused by cancer this year
deaths caused by malaria this year
deaths caused by smoking this year
millions of cigarettes produced this year
deaths caused by pesticides this year
babies who have been born by teenagers in this year
Global gov. spending on health care ($U.S. millions) this year
World spending on illegal drugs ($U.S. millions) this year
U.S. spending on alcohol and tobacco ($U.S. millions) this year
U.S. spending on perfume ($U.S. millions) this year
Automobile accident fatalities this year